Fırsatkapp is a Facebook based deals application that Boomerang has developed.

By using Fırsatkapp application, you can offer deals, promotions, discounts to your Facebook fans. The members that receive your offers can raise the percentage of the discount that they got by using the application.

You can promote your new products and raise your sales with the support of Fırsatkapp application. Each user of your Fırsatkapp application will be a part of the viral effect that your brand could get by sharing the application on Facebook (to get more discount) and this will help your brand to raise awareness.

Fırsatkapp is a Facebook Deal Application you can integrate to the Facebook page of your brand.

By using Fırsatkapp, you can present Facebook deal offers to your fans on Facebook.

Your fans can grab a discount from the application and grow it by using the applicaion, sharing it or inviting their friends.

Fırsatkapp creates a member database and collect the data (demographic, contact information etc.) of the users that allow the application.

Fırsatkapp offers different types of advantages:

  • Simple Activation
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Moderation Options
  • Affordable Prices
  • Customer Support

Pricing details of this product depends on varients as campaign, moderation and design details. Please contact us for further information about pricing & plans.

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