By using photo and video contests, you can increase the number of your brand’s Facebook page followers and elevate page interaction.

By using photo and video contests, you can organize contests in different formats on Facebook which is the most popular social networking platform both in Turkey and in the world.

These competitions where the winners are determined by Facebook users votes will elevate the interaction rates on your page while enabling you to announce your products, services and events on Facebook and let you to acquire user data.

It is a Facebook contest application which is directly integrated with your brand’s Facebook page. By using this product, you make your Facebook followers to send photos, videos and texts to the
Facebook contest. Contents approved by the moderators will appear in Facebook application page for voting process, afterwards put to the vote.
Demographic and contact information of users who have accepted the contest application will be collected in our database.

  • Easy Activation
  • Testing in Different Format Option
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Moderation Options
  • Affordable Prices
  • Customer Support

Product pricing is based on some variables such as campaign, moderation and design details. Please contact with us for detailed information related with pricing and planning information.

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