Make your Facebook followers have an enjoyable contest experience wiht our Puzzle Contest Facebook application!

You can run “Puzzle Contest” on your brand’s Facebook page with our Puzzle Contest application. You can ensure your followers’ brand loyalty by rewarding them thanks to enjoyable contest.

The contest interface can be customized for your brand to fulfill your brand’s needs. You can increase your Facebook followers and reach their demographic information and actual contact details when they accept the application. This will help you to grow the potential customer data you have.

Puzzle Contest  works as an application on the Facebook page of your brand. Facebook fans of your brand can start playing the game by allowing the Facebook application.

There is a time count function in the application as well that allows you to put players in a time order.

Puzzle Contest offers different types of advantages:

  • Simple Activation
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Moderation Options
  • Affordable Prices
  • Customer Support

Pricing details of this product depends on varients as campaign, moderation and design details. Please contact us for further information about pricing & plans.

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