Boomerang Istanbul is a Digital Marketing Agency that has been providing digital marketing services focused on ‘return on investment’ to a lot of brands from various sectors since 2010.

We give your brand the opportunity to reach your potential customers by offering you, result oriented, practical and instant digital marketing strategies compatible with the needs of our time.

Boomerang product and services will bring you the quickest return on investment by professionally managing the process of instant communication and interaction and increasing your potential for sales.

Our team in Boomerang consists of professionals, who have various backgrounds from Digital Marketing to Online Advertisement, but are equally well-informed about management, strategy, design, technology, communication and marketing.

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Boomerang offers smart and practical Social Media Marketing solutions that can raise the return of your social media investments.

Our team consists of social media, digital marketing and online advertising specialists. Would you like to meet us?

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Our Clients

Lego Land
Sea Life
Madame Tussauds İstanbul
İEG Turkey
Mercedes Benz Mobile Kids
Mitsubishi Motors
Sabancı Vakfı
Ege Yapı
Buse Terim
Linea Decor
Pronet Güvenlik ve Alarm Sistemleri
Madagascar Live Show
Katıa and Bony
American Express

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